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 video Enabling your enterprise

Democratizing Enterprise Video Conferencing

ClearMeet offers Enterprise grade Video Conferencing  solutions for SMEs, Enterprises, TeleHealth and Education vertical at low total cost of ownership. Solution comprises of video conferencing device and cloud service to replace expensive video infrastructure.

ClearMeet InPerson

ClearMeet InPerson is a video conferencing device which enables High-Definition video calls over the Internet. All you need is to connect it to a monitor/TV and internet and you can call anyone/anywhere.

Cloud Service

No need to buy  expensive MCUs/servers. Low Total Cost of Ownership, premium Enterprise features on subscription.

Works on 3G, 4G, Wifi

Highly optimized error resiliency mechanisms and excellent low bandwidth handling. Works in toughest networks.

Plug and Play

No complex  provisioning. Easy deployments - just  connect to the internet. Intuitive user interface eliminates need to train users.